Foraged Feasting

Ramp and Salicornia Linguini with Sundried Tomatoes

Back from the land and sea with your abundance of foraged foods, but not sure how to prepare them at home? These everyday recipes simplify foraged feasting, with ingredient substitutions for a brand new set of flavours you’ll be wild about.

Whether you’ve taken to nearby land or sea to forage, your own backyard, or dashed out to the grocery store to acquire your ingredients, a meal with health-promoting wild foods can be made, no matter your locale.
Wild, foraged foods offer a uniquely earthy flavour experience, perfect for those stuck in an ingredient rut. And, not only will you find a new range of tastes when cooking wild, but you’ll also become in tune with an ingredient’s charming irregularities in terms of shape, colour, and size.
If cooking with foraged foods seems out of reach for your time or whereabouts, we’ve included seasonal supermarket swaps to help you dip your toes into the wild world of foraged feasting.
Get in touch with the seasons, introduce an entirely new range of flavours to your palate, and turn what may be someone else’s weeds into a wonderfully wild meal.


Ramp and Salicornia Linguini with Sundried Tomatoes


Wild Berry Cardamom Blondies


Triple Seaweed Brown Rice Sushi


Dandelion Greens with Apples, Bacon, and Grainy Mustard


Wild supermarket swaps

Wild Swap 
dandelion greens rapini or kale
nettles spinach
fresh wild blueberries frozen wild blueberries or cultivated blueberries
wild green garlic chives or green onions
ramps leeks
fresh wild mushrooms dried wild mushrooms
birch syrup grade B maple syrup or molasses
fiddleheads asparagus
mulberries blackberries

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