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Fresh Herb Desserts

Lemon Yogurt Mousse with Homemade Jam

Jazz up your dessert routine with vibrant fresh herbs. From classic pairings to unexpected partnerships, these herbaceous treats are the perfect pick for end-of-summer sweets.

Many herbs work just as well for chocolate as they do for chicken, so we’re celebrating summer’s best and brightest flavour boosters with these surprisingly delectable desserts made with herbs.
The range of herbal notes present in these small but mighty recipe enhancers is varied and vibrant. Fresh mint is bright and refreshing, pairing beautifully with both dark and white chocolate to cut through the richness; while thyme is lemony and delicate, dancing well with cream.
If you’re new to herbaceous desserts, keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way, as herbs have a tendency to overpower subtle sweets. And, for these recipes, keep it fresh; dried herbs work well in baked goods such as cookies and cakes, but fresh is best when working with airier, fruit-focused creations.
From the unusual (tarragon and berries) to the classic (mint and chocolate), fresh herbs marry with ingredients to unlock brand new flavour profiles. Whether you’re gathering from your garden or the health food store, these desserts with fresh herbs are ripe for the picking.


Lemon Yogurt Mousse with Homemade Jam 


Dairy-Free Chocolate Mint Fudge


Coconut, Basil, and Lime Panna Cotta


Tropical Fruit Salad


Tarragon Berry Slump with Anise Oat Crumble


Top pairings for desserts made with herbs

  • basil + blueberries
  • mint + strawberries
  • tarragon + plums
  • thyme + peaches
  • sorrel + citrus
  • rosemary + orange
  • bay leaf + pumpkin (pie)
  • cilantro + lime
  • lavender + honey
  • sage + apples
  • camomile + cream

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