5 Delicious and Unexpected Vegetarian Sandwiches

5 Delicious and Unexpected Vegetarian Sandwiches

Go beyond PB&J and grilled cheese with these healthy, creative, and meat-free recipes.

Sandwiches are the ultimate lunch food. They’re versatile, quick, and easy to make—but many of us rely on boring PB&J or egg salad. Change things up by making a healthy, mouth-watering vegetarian sandwich.
Beyond these recipes, it’s pretty easy to create your own sensational meat-free sandwiches. Just remember these golden rules.

  • Choose the right bread. Options that say “100% whole grain” on the label and have more than 2 g of fibre per serving are a safe bet. Better yet, opt for breads that contain a mix of sprouted grains, seeds, and legumes.
  • Add a creamy, nutritious spread. Hummus and mashed avocado options are simple, delicious, and more nutritious than typical mayo.
  • Pile on veggies. Experiment with dark greens, roasted red peppers, grilled eggplant, shredded carrots, tomatoes, and any other option that strikes your fancy.

1. Italian Flag Pesto Sandwich
This tri-coloured sandwich (thus the name) is bursting with basil, mozzarella, and roasted red peppers. The herby pesto ups the health factor by replacing pine nuts and Parmesan cheese with equally yummy almonds, plus more garlic and basil.
2. Almond Pear Sandwich
Looking for a quick-yet-sophisticated lunch? Give this rich-tasting sandwich a try. It’s the perfect combination of creamy almond butter, sweet pear, and savoury goat’s cheese … mm.
3. Tofu Pitas with Chunky Peanut Sauce
Sliced bread is the best thing since … well, sliced bread. But wraps, pitas, and baguettes can also add an element of fun and experimentation to mealtime. This protein-packed pita proves that tofu tastes surprisingly yummy in a sandwich, especially when it’s accompanied by a coconut-peanut sauce.
4. Grilled Banana and Maple Toast
This simple sandwich is made with only five ingredients, including the classic combo of peanut butter and banana. Eat it as an indulgent breakfast sandwich or a tasty lunch. For those who don’t have a grilled sandwich maker, we also include tips for grilling up the perfect sandwich on your stovetop.
5. Chocolate and Strawberry Sandwiches
Sandwiches don’t have to be savoury. Chocolate hazelnut spreads bring back fond childhood memories for most people. But unlike the classic supermarket spread, our homemade version contains no artificial sugars. Wholesome hazelnuts and chocolaty cocoa powder are elevated by naturally sweet strawberries. Yum!

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