Meatless Monday: 5 Simple Foods that Taste Great Roasted

Meatless Monday: 5 Simple Foods that Taste Great Roasted

If you’re a comedy fan or pop culture aficionado, you probably love a good roast. Why not bring that sensibility to the kitchen?

Roasting chestnuts on an open fire may sound both dangerous and Dickensian to you, and a traditional Sunday meat roast may seem daunting. But roasting veggies, pulses, nuts, and even fruit in the safe confines of your oven is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Think of roasting as the winter equivalent of a summer barbecue. Roasted foods boast a crispy, caramelized armour that, when pierced, yields a soft, flavour-rich interior.

Below you’ll find ideas for meatless roasted side dishes and desserts—and if you want to get creative, you could even combine a few for a meatless main.

Roasted Parsnips and Sweet Potatoes

There are endless ways to roast root vegetables. This one uses turmeric and freshly cracked black pepper for an exotic taste that’s anti-inflammatory to boot.

2. Roasted Chickpeas

Nibble on these as a snack food or add them to soups, salads, pasta, and more. The best part? They can be roasted in just 30 minutes—half the time it takes to roast many veggies.

3. Roasted Garlic

So simple to make, and so versatile in its uses! Mash up the roasted cloves to use as a spread or whip them into mashed potatoes. Alternatively, just enjoy the soft cloves whole. Your immune system will thank you.

4. Roasted Pears

Roasting isn’t just for savoury dishes. This recipe includes instructions for optional Chocolate Chantilly Cream and Maple Streusel Crumble if you want to turn your roasted pears into a dessert that’s as haute as it is hot.

5. Roasted nuts

Try these Spicy Honey Roasted Pecans or, yes, some roasted chestnuts (included in a recipe for Avocado Pear Salad). After all, you can’t go wrong with following the spirit, if not the letter, of “The Christmas Song.”  

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