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#2013alive: Get Ready to Garden!

#2013alive: Get Ready to Garden!

We’re wrapping up week 2 of June’s 12 Months of Wellness. Next up: starting a garden – even a small one!

For week 2 of June’s 12 Months of Wellness, we spent our lunch breaks outside. Now, we’re prepping for week 3—gardening!

Avid gardeners won’t be surprised to hear that spending time flexing your green thumb may have health perks. Research has suggested that gardening has social and psychological benefits, including boosting mental health.

And don’t worry if you’re a condo-dweller: container gardens on balconies are a simple, low-maintenance option. There’s nothing better than tearing off some fresh basil or parsley leaves to throw into a pasta dish, mere steps away from your kitchen.

How to get ready

To get a head start on your gardening goals, you can:

  • scope out local garden centres
  • make a list of your favourite veggies and herbs
  • get inspiration from magazines, books, the internet, or  your friends’ or neighbours’ gardens (no hopping fences!)

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